EasyAcc solar charger panel pack bag for EasyAcc Anker External Battery, Bluetooth Speaker, iPod,Android Smartphone:HTC ONE,Samsung Galaxy S3,Blackberry Z10,Nokia Lumia 920, Mobile DVD,Bluetooth headset and more devices

August 12, 2013 - Comment

Specification: -Colour : Black -Solar Power Output: 6W -USB Power Output: 6W -Weight: 340 g -Folded Size: 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 7.5″ (193 mm x 193 mm x 193 mm) lightweight and portable power for smartphones, readers ,tablets and other devices and systems Power your device: This EasyAcc Solar Charger can directly charge your phone


-Colour : Black

-Solar Power Output: 6W

-USB Power Output: 6W
-Weight: 340 g
-Folded Size: 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 7.5″ (193 mm x 193 mm x 193 mm)

lightweight and portable power for smartphones, readers ,tablets and other devices and systems

Power your device:

This EasyAcc Solar Charger can directly charge your phone or whatever you’d like via a USB cable as long as there is sunlight,such as smartphones, readers, tablets and Mini Speaker.

Rechargeable External Battery:

in case using external battery emergency,which used as a backup power for mobile devises.this unite could recharge it anywhere,Never Waste your money for extra battery Charger, highly recommend Excellent EasyAcc External Battery:

EasyAcc 10000mAh

EasyAcc 7000mAh
EasyAcc 8400mAh
EasyAcc 5600mAh

Charge from Solar:
Charge your devices when there is no electrical outlet around,With 6 Watts of charging power,The mono-crystalline solar panel is the most efficient solar panel on the market. Bulit-in USB cable,could use the soloar panel to charger your deivce directly.
please note:it can hardly charge for cell phone or external battery indoors or in rainy days, the output current of solor charger in cloudy day is about 500mA´╝îwhile 1000mA in sunny days

Package Included:
– 1 * EasyAcc Solor Pack
– 1 * Micro USB Cable 6W

Attention: External Battery not included

Product Features

  • power your devices from Solar, never waste your extra money, this unit can be used anywhere,including home,office,lawn,garden,cycling,camping etc.
  • charge Smartphone,Tablets,Readers directly in Sunlight,Recharge external battery and other backup power anywhere
  • Folded design, portable and lightweight, easy to use
  • Safe Charging, Durable and Reliable, Environmental protection
  • EasyAcc Solar Bag is Solar Charging Pack that fit your Handbag or Backpack,it is portable and useful,can be used as a single unit power pack to power your device, or as a power source to recharge external battery, highly recommended as Sports&Outdoor Accessories,Especially in outdoor recreation,camping,cycling

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A.Firebrand says:

Works well so far, but I haven’t had the chance to test it to the max Originally looked at getting a battery pack with solar charging features, but repeatedly found issues (such as batteries that don’t charge fully on that solar and still need an outlet). Got 2 of these, I believe 15 ea. as part of my deal (also got the 12000 and 5600 batteries). Because it doesn’t store any power on it’s own and my intent was to use the solar power to charger the large 12000 mAh battery after I return from hiking (where I’d use it during the hike and return after dusk), I had to purchase another battery to use to store the power. That turned out to be a blessing of sorts as the 5600 I purchased for that role, actually fits better for my hiking purposes and the combo doesn’t cost any more than similar capacity solar batteries and I can charge it fully. Both chargers work well, my only concern, which I just emailed support on, is that both packs have air bubbles/wrinkles on the plastic of the charging panel.PROS- have set these up by the window…

stick says:

Great solar panel for the price I was amazed with the solar panel when it arrived. Construction seems very nice. I see the air bubbles in the laminating over the solar panels that someone else mentioned but it is only a mild cosmetic imperfection. I believe the air bubbles do not affect the solar panel at all.I set this panel out just after 12 o’clock today, hooked up the multi-meter, and got a 1.1A reading with about 6V if I remember correctly. Very impressive. I then hooked up my galaxy s3 which had 38% charge remaining. My phone was fully charged by 3 p.m. Maybe faster, I was not paying close attention.I cant wait till the battery pack arrives that I ordered from a different website. I have no doubt that this little solar panel will be up to the challenge of charging the 30,000mAh battery backup that I ordered. For those of you that haven’t looked into battery capacities yet; the S3 battery is about 2,900mAh if I am not mistaken. If I can I will update this review when the battery backup…

Nick says:

Lots of power in a small package for only a little money! First off, since a picture is worth a thousand words, see my 4 customer images (uploaded by ‘Nick’). For such a small package, (about 8″x8″ square and 1″ thick including the handy pocket), this thing really works well. It will even charge your devices indoors under the right kind of lighting (halogen or incandescent work surprisingly well, while fluorescent does not really work much at all). I didn’t upload any pictures showing its power output from indoor lighting as most people will not use it this way. However, if you’re going to have a light on anyway, why not put it to good use charging one of the many electronic gadgets we all seem to have these days?Power output:In the pictures I uploaded, you can see a tree and two cropped images of my multimeter screen. (This is a great all-around meter too!) To connect the two metal meter probes to a solar…

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